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The day has come when we set up the flag. It's the return of the CULTASS release series. On 26th of August we give you a 4x4 package. 4 to the floor with 4 different artists. Hail to the Crosspunx!

This release is fueled with 4 tracks. Each flavoured with heavy hitting basslines, ultrakicks and slap-in-your-face snares.
Each from different artists to spice it up even more. From Spain to Austria, over to Ravelandia Netherlands and back to the capital of merciless Hardcore i.e. Bella Italia.

Crosspunx kicks of with the craziest Break and Core music piece we have released on Culture Assault so far from the masters of Bumba Music - Spanish mastermind eRRe + fellows from Hardlogik! What these guys do with break music is not from this world. Chapeau!
Keeping that level up is not that easy but we trusted in the emerging Dutch Prime Minister YMB at Ninth Cirlce Recs, cooking up a fine Oldschool flavoured Crossbreed track. Spasmic moving on the dancefloor preprogrammed.
If you think this was it, then you haven'T reckoned with Synthakt, upcoming Lord Of Schweinsgalopp. Spat out from the Mozart City - Salzburg Austria itself. The man is finally relasing his rage over the European Drum&Bass scene with his "When The Old Gods Rise". A kicking ass tune, solid and infectios from the very beginning to the very last drum sample.

We are closing this release with a moody yet hardhitting kickmonster by one of the biggest hard music producers in Italy right now. From the Bresciano we give you a merciless descendant of Nord Italian Hardcore culture: Micromakine! He's recently been doing lots of stunning things at UNION and Nekrologik. Through kicks off really really moody but literally rinses after the drop. No dancefloor can resist it. Absolutely hardcore!

There it is. A four track fueled hardcore break release with one of the finest underground artists from Europe. Each tune tells a different story and style. Still they have something in common. This is what we mean at Culture Assault when we talk about no bounadries!

Artist: Various
Release Name: Crosspunx
Type of Release: EP CULTASS013
Release Date: 26.08.2013
Tracks: 4 Tracks

  • 1 eRRe & Hardlogik - Sioputa
  • 2 YMB - Follow The Pink Lines
  • 3 Synthakt - When The Old Gods Rise
  • 4 Micromakine - Throught

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Beatport Link: TBA
Artwork: eatyourself -


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