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Lots and lots of things happened, where do I begin? How about from the start... February was an insane month and March started off even crazier.SFS - who is well recognized in Russian DNB scene is cooking up a mix for our next podcast. What you'll find in this podcast is a selection of Culture Assault Records' future releases, SFS's own dubplates and drunk babbling over skype courtesy of Shem (hello!) and Stereotype who's just joined our crew. New artists came in knocking at our doors and this time they didn't ask for candy, they brought it themselves. Amongst these spooky Halloween kids we spotted out:


Qmare - young Polish neurofunk & techstep freak.

Zinnat - Bulgarian bastard child of darkstep & all things heavy.

Diode - American techstep prodigy lover.

Stereotype - Ukrainian dude who just likes to make our ears bleed.

Gancher - Russian kid who's really pissed off about everything.


After they gave us their treats we just grabbed them by their asses, dragged them down to our vault and locked them up to tease you before their releases see the light of the day under Culture Assault Records banner. Unfortunately while we were busy bringing these kids to our nest Envoys Evolution untied himself and ran away screaming like hell. I don't think he's coming back, too bad! So just in case you didn't really get what I'm saying here: We signed Qmare, Zinnat, Stereotype, Gancher and Diode. Happy now? We as hell sure are!


There's been some shiftings in releases and a new releases strategy has been born from that. FREECULTASS releases will be released on a regular basis (each week or every other week if we won't manage on time). Of course they will be free downloads, which is something you'll like for sure.


We've had some problems with CULTASS003 release of nKro - Still Dead & Hellspawn - Headache Grey/Invisible Monsters. These tracks will be released for free in FREECULTASS releases. More info on that coming soon! Because we had to remove these tracks from our next commercially scheldued release - CULTASS003 - we replaced them with something that we had in our mind for a long time, and now it all came together. So without any further ado, presenting:


CULTASS003 - The Veiled:
Miditacia - Power Station
Ezpeigrex - Prediction


Surprised? You better be! This release is going to be pure destruction hell, with Miditacia providing his one of a kind Drum and Bass sound explosion and Ezpeigrex's extremely agressive drilling basslines and twisted drums.  Make sure you check out previews of these tracks on our myspace!


Okay that's it from me, as you can see a lot of things have been happening and we at Culture Assault are hoping we'll have even more months like this last February because like I said earlier, March started off crazy and we're just loving it! Take care everyone and remember that you can always drop us a line, send us a track or contact us on myspace, we're very open to music and we'd love to share yours with the rest of the world.




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