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CULTDUB001 - The Elektrik Ritual

Xpresive has been known for making his dubstep ever since he started dabbling in this type of genre. Long list of followers who anticipated his tracks just proves that. Being an underground dubstep  producer he has took a step forward and delivered his first ever LP (also being first CULTDUB release) exclusively on Culture Assault Records.


We did a short interview with Luke aka Xpresive about this release and some other things:






Culture Assault Records: First question, when and how did you start making music?

Luke (Xpresive): Well, all started out when i saw my older brother had fl6 on his computer, used to play around on it but nothing special about 2 years later i got my own version of FL7 XXL producer n just started making some grime beats n showing my friends then i discovered dubstep and ever since its taken a hold of me :D


Culture Assault Records: What was the first dubstep track track that made you want to make dubstep?

Luke (Xpresive): Probably Loefah - Disco Rekah


Culture Assault Records: At first when you started, did you want to follow some dubstep artists or you wanted to make your own sound from the very beginning?

Luke (Xpresive): At first it was more of a battle against fl to get anything that sounded like dubstep. Sure i had some inspiration, but i suppose i did kinda make my own style and experiment.


Culture Assault Records: How would you describe your album?

Luke (Xpresive): Its the sound of a tramp doing ballet. Filthy but tidy ;)


Culture Assault Records: We've heard your latest tracks and your sound seems to be evolving towards more filthy side of things. Is that the direction you're taking or are we wrong about this?

Luke (Xpresive): Well im glad you noticed. yeah im starting to make my dubstep more influenced by artists like Datsik and joker, the new age style of dubstep, but also keeping some of it old tek like all the old hatcha and bengas early stuff. Im also trying to develop or create a style none has heard. Like when Datsik first released his tracks, every single one of them was insanely filthy. I wana have the same impact but with a massive twist that no one has heard. Dubstep and all music is all about originality.


Culture Assault Records: Definitely, we hope you continue to follow the philosophy of making dubstep you just mentioned because not only us but all of your followers are certainly loving it. Two last questions we'd like to ask you though:

1). How would you recommend your album to your own grandma?

2). What's the secret to keep on moving with producing like you do?


Luke (Xpresive): 1.) That would be hard. Probably tell her to brace herself.
2.) Well, all I do at home is make tunes, even if its just loops and basses. Always got to dedicate time to producing, you cant simply expect to make a sick track in like half an hour. But most of all, you got to enjoy it. And if your bored of the same track, start a new one, soon you'l learn that some aspects of one track will sound good with another.


Culture Assault Records: Great advice, thank you for taking your time to have this interview. Hope to catch you again with another interview for your next release. Culture Assault Records signs out, thanks again!




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Artist: Xpresive

Title: The Elektrik Ritual
Cataloge nr.: CULTDUB001
Style: Dubstep
Release Date: 01-June-2009
Quality: 320kbps / 44100Hz / Joint Stereo
Tracks: 9 ~105 Mb



Xpresive - Dubmarine



Xpresive - Threat


03. Xpresive - Elektrik Ritual 4:02
04. Xpresive - Like That 5:07
05. Xpresive - Snakes Rattelin 4:02
06. Xpresive - Phyiah 2:20
07. Xpresive - Aphotic 3:20
08. Xpresive - Unloved 4:17
09. Xpresive - One 2:55


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