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Label News June 2009

Hello everyone, CA crew signing in once again with a new look.

First of all we'd like to thank everyone who was at Sunny Bashment Festival in Mendel. It was a great party, we hoped you enjoyed it as much as we did:) We're also hoping to get back together again in South Tyrol for another edition of this festival or maybe even sooner at a different gig. Thanks again everyone, you made that party happen!



As for the news for this month:
CULTASS003 - The Veilded release has skyrocketed to #1 most listened and #1 most sold release on Beats Digital. We're very thankful to everyone who supports our label by buying our releases. You make us proud.


New releases scheldued for this month are:


CULTDUB001 - Xpresiv "The Elektrik Ritual" (RELEASE DATE: 19.06.2009)

As our first dubstep release we present you Xpresiv's EP full of filthy and grimey basslines. Xpresiv has been working on this release for a while now, and it's finally ready to hit the stores. To get a taste of what this release sounds like, head down to or


CULTRON001 - Shem & Tzara "Sunrise on Mute" (RELEASE DATE: 26.06.2009)

Announced before, this release delivers something different from the usual Culture Assault Recs sound. It's a chilly house released filled with jazz influences, some dnb elements and IDM glitchiness. Perfect for playing in a car on a Sunday morning:)


CULTASS004 - "Neurotank" (RELEASE DATE: 04.07.2009)

Next one down the pipe of Culture Assault Recs mayhem antics. The tracklist on this is kept secret as it's been tested out in the field by our DJs and so far people loved every single track on it. We're hoping to get this release out as soon as possible, because the tracks on this one are absolutely smashing. That much we can tell for now, more info on that coming soon so stay tuned!



That's it for now, again thanks to everyone @ Mendel's Sunny Bashment Festival, the crew, organizators, sound check guys, all the artists who performed there and last but not least - people who danced their asses off to some great music:) We hope to see all of our fans, no matter where you live, just to deliver some sickness to your lives. Take care everyone, and keep an eye on these new releases! Peaceout!



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It is so easy to create victims. You lock someone in a room with no light. Soon they'll begin to suffer. Then you feed that suffering. Slowly, methodicaly, systematicaly, coldly, for a long time. Then Culture Assault arose. And ever since it's been pushing the boundaries of music towards an experience of katharsys, from suffering to light through darkness ending at the aural fields of completeness. For any additional info refer to

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