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"It is so easy to create victims. You lock someone in a room with no light. Soon they'll begin to suffer. Then you feed that suffering. Slowly, methodicaly, systematicaly, coldly, for a long time. Basically, this is the point where Culture Assault steps in, pushing the boundaries of music towards an experience of katharsys, from suffering to light through darkness ending at the aural fields of completeness and eternal soundness." With that as the labels intro on there web site we give you Cuture Assault recordings.




Please could you introduce the people behind culture assault records

Basically there are the 3 founding members Phil, Honso (Corax bro's) and Shem. Then we got Elil who does some of the sick artworks and the russian madman Rob currently scouting the world for massive tracks.  Spanish hermano Jordi aka Loop Stepwalker (spanish eventmanagment) and Luke (Xpresive - UK) and Lo1z from NL taking care of the Dubstep section CULTDUB whenever they can.



When did you first decide to start the label?

It was over a year ago now, when we all met up online. Corax were making their own tracks, then Shem came in with his tracks and we all decided that we should do something about it. We also were in contact with unsigned artists and from that point on it we were certain that we have to release our music. Of course the more we discussed it the more it turned out that drum and bass although the major thing in our camp, is definitely not the only thing we like and we'd like people to be exposed to other electronic types of music.



What were Your goals for it when You first started it?

We've hit it hard from the very beginning. The idea was big. We all noticed that drum and bass labels (because we were focused on releasing drum and bass first) are coming and going very quickly. Just look at the names in the game, every one's changing labels, and we've often been witnessing that when an artist makes some impact on the scene with his tracks,  he's probably like to start his own label, release a couple of tunes and that's it. Our goal was NOT to end up like these labels. And the only way to do it is to think big, do not limit ourselves to releasing just one type of drum and bass nor any other electronic music. That doesn't mean of course that we'd be releasing terror disco folk or something like that. All of the music that you can find on Culture Assault Records is bounded with the same type of feel to it, which is hard to explain, but this same energy that goes through all these tracks is spread onto different genres.



Why the name culture assault records?

Because we're assaulting the current culture. There's been too much pigeon-holing, too many 'genres', too many flashy shitty little pop stars out there, and we're just fed up with this. If you notice, our first release was a free download of bootleg remixes of big names in the music business. We basically tore these artists apart and reconstructed their tracks Culture Assault style. We want people to realize that there is music out there by unknown talented people who would kick every one's asses at any given time.



How would you describe a culture assault release to some one who's not heard one?

That depends on which branch of Culture Assault that person would find first. CULTASS releases are aggressive drum and bass tracks by artists from all around the world, filled with bass, anger and huge potential for smashing a dance floor at 178 BPM or more.
CULTDUB releases are taking this nasty attitude, grime and dirtiness and turn it into  dubstep tracks which are full of atmospheric influences combined with a sound you'd hear from a giant robot walking down the battlefield.
CULTRON releases are a playground for our producers, it's a place for experimentation, you might find things you would never expect from them, IDM, Breaks, House....
So as you can see, there's a lot to choose from, but hey: Way better to let the tunes do the talk!



What collaborations or producers would You like for future releases?

(Shem) From me, I'm fascinated by Russian neurofunk scene, I think it's growing in directions nobody thought existed. My call would be Receptor, Kubrak, more of Miditacia.
(Phil) I really would like to work on some very different style of releasing. Basically it would look like CS collaboration part.1 & 2 but with artists from very different realms: like a Receptor & Lucio De Rimanez collaboration. Above that I'd like to see Hallucinator, Silent Killer and Prolix releases on Culture Assault. Mistabishi would be interesting too.
(Honso) Mumblz & Switch Technique! YEAH! Aspexia
(Rob) I share the opinion of Phil. Collaborations in a new form like CV & Meth vs Lucio De Rimanez & Dean Rodell. SICK!



How do You see net labels fitting in with the scene?

As with everything, net labels have their pros and cons. Of course the main thing is that you can get a lot of audience through the Internet, which is good. If you get a lot of recognition through the net, even without having your tracks signed to a proper label, that just means this track is good enough for people to spread it amongst themselves.
On the other hand it's a Wild West out here and only the fittest will survive. And if someone is really dedicating himself to music and producing, it is clear that he's going to demand rewards for this.
Still, Culture Assault has been releasing stuff for free so far and we'll keep going on with that -rest assured about that.



Whats coming next on the label?

Well, there is the Qmare debute EP and Gancher & Ruin EP.  Forthcoming on CULTASS pretty soon as well: infamous Diode & Code Blu and a refining Neurofunk / Technoid  digital EP which we will announce.
On CULTDUB we will release a huge album by danish talent Tzara and a collaboration EP.
CULTRON is seen to hold the danish wonderboy T7 with his Remix EP and his album. Highly recommendable for true electronic music lovers.



What does the future hold for cultureassault?

Ultimately we want to be remembered as the label which caused a sonic holocaust, made every one's ears bleed and opened people's eyes on types of music they never thought existed. Just kidding. Eventually we will find our spot in this game and keep on doing the things we appreciate and love, which includes also progressions such as expanding to vinyl (CULTVIN001 featuring Lucio De Rimanez himself in Winter season 2009/2010). We will be eagerly trying to organize some shows with our guys in order to gather them like some




(Shem) Shouts to my friends from Italy, South Tyrol, Qmare, Richard Murder, my cat, FitFat crew for making Sunny Bashment happen, Jade, Freesteppa, my friends and family, God which doesn't exist for helping me out, and my favourite brand of beer for being an inspiration (sometimes).
(Phil & Honso) We would like to use this opportunity to thank everyone who has been supporting so far. Without you guys we would be fucked as shit. A special shout to the Austrian mates we met in Innsbruck and Vienna – you rock! - as well as  Nick, Frank and the Subdudes Punks from our town and Mr. Martin aka Teknomaster.


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It is so easy to create victims. You lock someone in a room with no light. Soon they'll begin to suffer. Then you feed that suffering. Slowly, methodicaly, systematicaly, coldly, for a long time. Then Culture Assault arose. And ever since it's been pushing the boundaries of music towards an experience of katharsys, from suffering to light through darkness ending at the aural fields of completeness. For any additional info refer to

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