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After a long wait we're back with another podcast! This time it's been mixed by the Austrian mastermind B!nfusion, gathering some of the filthiest tunes from the harder corner of today's dark dnb scene including exclusive Culture Assault Records forthcomings. Beware!


CULTURE ASSAULT RECORDS proudly presents their first Label DJ B!nfusion, coming straight from the mountains from a city called Innsbruck (Austria). The 25 year old DarkDnB-Freaks is now a DJ for more then 6 years and since 2004 he and his Crew are organising huge DarkDnb Parties under the name of BASSINTOXICATION in their city. He grew up with Metal stuff like Slayer and Pantera, then all of a sudden he heard an audio-cassette by Aphex Twin and that’s where Electronic Music forced its way into his head. He started listening to Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Autechre … and finally DnB and soon he decided to try DJing.


This CULTCAST shows his favourite kind of nowadays DarkStep and TechStep DnB including some brand new sick dubplates of CULTURE ASSAULT RECORDS!


He’s now representing the BASSINTOXICATION - Crew and of course CULTURE ASSAULT RECORDS by playing, feeling, living and fucking freaking the hardest and darkest DnB-Sickness!! Enjoy this 86 minutes of totally energy and do not wonder if any parts of your body start to freak out in strange ways (you don’t have to be afraid of being epileptic!).



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Artist: B!infusion

Title: The BassIntoxication
Cataloge nr.: CULTCAST003
Style: Drum&Bass / Skullstep / Darkstep

Release Date: 31-October-2009
Quality: 320kbps / 44100Hz / Joint Stereo
Tracks: 1 ~200 Mb



  1. 1. DJ Hidden - The Narrators [Ad Noiseam]
  2. 2. Machine Code - Nebular [Mentally Disturbed]
  3. 3. Gancher & Ruin - Redstar [CULTURE ASSAULT RECORDS]
  4. 4. Raiden - Iron Man Ghetto Crusher [Position Chrome]
  5. 5. Nanotek – Behemoth [Technical Itch Recordings]
  6. 6. Katharsys - The Chain [Evil Beats]
  7. 7. Nphonix - Sever [Algorythm]
  8. 8. Donny & Current Value - Nightmare Man (SPL Remix) [Future Sickness]
  9. 9. Dereck - Ramazan Baazaar [CULTURE ASSAULT RECORDS]
  10. 10. Audio & Dylan – The Birth & The Death [Tech Freak Recordings]
  11. 11. Lucio de Rimanez - Anastasis [CULTURE ASSAULT RECORDS]
  12. 12. Counterstrike & Cooh - Blood and Steel [Prospect]
  13. 13. Donny - No Going Back [Barcode]
  14. 14. Limewax - Big Bang [Freak Recordings]
  15. 15. Kitech - Destiny [Freak Recordings Digital]
  16. 16. Lucio de Rimanez - Ugly Fat Reality [Algorythm]
  17. 17. Current Value - Can’t Play God [Freak Recordings]
  18. 18. Nanotek - Better Place [Technical Itch Recordings]
  19. 19. Limewax & Dylan - Cleansed by a Nighmare [Bastard Child]
  20. 20. DJ Hidden - Earth Cry [Sustained Records]
  21. 21. Centaspike – Fearing fear  [Obscene]
  22. 22. Thought - Anagram [Dub – thx to Thought for this lovely tune!]
  23. 23. SPL - All Over [Lost Soul Recordings]
  24. 24. The Outside Agency – Surreal [175 Recordings]
  25. 25. Counterstrike & Gein - Pentagram [Counterstrike Recordings]
  26. 26. B – Key & Dylan – Slave to Life (Limewax Rmx) [Freak Recordings Digital]


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