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CULTASS006 - Awaken The Wolf

Yeah folks, Christmas eve is just another day ahead. Would you mind to get your present earlier this day? So follow the cult and move your ass, cause it's CULTASS time again. This time and for the first time we got two guys from the states. Give a warm welcome to Tricky Pat & Brandon Miles with CULTASS006 – Awaken The Wolf.


And they really have awaken the fucking wolf. A Russian boldhead – we all know as friendly chap from around the corner – described this brand new experimental deepstep tunes as: quote ”drunk alco shit step crossed with some circus vibes and ugly elephants fucking monkeys in the ass, which are wakening up the old wolf with their screams. While elephant balls are twitchin' and itchin'”. Well, what else to tell? This is the new generation of deep experimental blended drum and bass. And we do fucking love it. Be ready for more of this stuf
f on Culture Assault Records. Find a interview below!

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Artist: Brandon Miles, Tricky Pat
Title: Awaken The Wolf
Cataloge nr.: CULTASS006
Style: Drum&Bass
Release Date: 22/12/09
Quality: 320kbps / 44100Hz / Joint Stereo
Tracks: 2 - 25,2MB

Culture Assault Records proudly presents you “CULTMIX005 – Taking Lifes Mix” done by our fresh new and totally weird DubStep-Artist ValkyR. He lives in "Champs sur Marne" near Paris and was born in September 1990. He first started producing BreakBeat & DnB in late 2006 but since the Year 2008 he found his dark, disturbing and icey DubStep-Style which is now framed into this beautific Mix! Watch out for his first Release “CULTDUB002 - Taking Lifes”, including 6 sick DubStep Tunes which is going to be released on Culture Assault Records soon!!


Brandon Miles & Tricky Pat - Awaken The Wolf



Brandon Miles & Tricky Pat - Twitcher


Interview with Tricky Pat:

Culture Assault Recs: Hello there, it's an honour to have you here with us today. Would you just briefly introduce yourself to the European Scene.
Tricky Pat: The pleasure is all mine. Well, I am Tricky Pat, first and foremost a DJ from Burlington, Vermont, located in the Northeast area of the US. I have been involved in the music scene in my area and beyond since about 1993 or so. Playing mainly dnb but also a bit of everything else as I enjoy all types of musical flavors.

You are Cultass' first US producer. Would you just briefly describe the US scene of dnb of today?
I think the US dnb scene is doing pretty well considering the number of years things have been happening over here. We have definitely had better years for it but overall things are looking pretty good. There's a plethora of quality producers doing dnb sounds across the board from Liquid grooves to heavy Tear Out and everything in between. As far as club nights and parties, there are a handfull of select key cities all around the US that have and will continue to push the sounds we all know and love. Attendance can be a bit of a roller coaster ride with many ups and downs but the point is not only to keep the fans happy, but to try and get new ones into it.

When and how did you started producing music? Do you produce dnb only?
The first time I ever dabbled with production goes back to somewhere around 1997 when I purchased a Roland 303 Groovebox. I messed around a lot with that and eventually wound up in my friend Johnny Rodeo's studio. He was a very accomplished musician and we worked a little bit together but nothing serious ever came out of our sessions. He eventually moved to NYC and went on to bigger and better things in production, most notably Santigold ( ) . In late 1998 I had a child so my time for production was put on the back burner and my adventures in fatherhood began. I continued to persue my DJ career, and eventually over the years dabbled a bit more in production a few years later with another friend, and excellent underground producer named Shape. We did some really experimental dnb stuff fusing elements of hardcore gabba, heavy metal, and hip-hop, and this was a bit before all the bigger heavy metal dnb fusion stuff was coming out. Shape eventually moved away and once again i resorted mainly to just DJing and doing shows. It wasn't until I met Brandon that I got back into the production side of music. As of right now, yes, my main focus is on dnb, but we have a couple tracks with some tempo changes, working into some dubstep and electro elements, but sure, eventually I see myself getting into other styles of music for sure. As of now Brandon already has a handfull of other projects aside from dnb, most notable is Crunk Witch, go have a listen ( ) and hear for yourself.

For how long have you been teaming up with Brandon Miles and how eventually did u meet?
Brandon and I started working on music together in the middle of 2008. We met before that basically the first time I had him here in Vermont to DJ my dnb night. I had heard of him in 2007 right around the time his tune "Arise" came out on Gain Recordings. After hearing he lived in Maine ( which is right next to Vermont ) I knew I had to link up with him, as there are not that many dnb producers in the far Northeast area of the US. It wasn't too long after connecting with him online that he came to perform at my dnb night here in Burlington. We kept in touch after his show here and I eventually had him back to play for me again. During this time we spoke of possibly trying to collaborate on some music together. Brandon is a super wiz at production so I jumped at this opportunity to collaborate with him. We planned another visit for him to come back and DJ and then set aside some time to work on music. Out of this first session we finished 4 tunes, which very quickly got signed to Temper D Productions and Abducted Records. It was right after this that we thought it would be cool to continue to make music together. We both have a lot in common musically and are generally pretty open minded people so the plan for us was to really just push away the so called boundries of dnb and try out some different sounds. We have caught the ears of some of my dnb icons already, so things are up for sure. So far, so good........

What do you think about Cultass' creed “no boundaries”? Do you share their belief in boundless music?
I love that creed and very much share the same attitude towards music in general. I don't believe we would have dnb today if it weren't for producers of the past pushing boundries. This music we all love started from exactly that. A good crew of producers who said fuck the rules, let's do something different and crazy. Variety is the spice of life.

Finally, what are your future plans?
2010 looks very promising for both me and Brandon. To start off we will be heavily promoting our release on Culture Assault. Really glad to be on board with you guys. Shortly after that you can expect to see upcoming releases on Adapter Audio, Influenza Minus, Apparatus Recordings, as well as a remix we did for Lethal & Submerged on Ohm Resistance. We also have EPs in the works for OffKey Music, Temper D Productions, and Nerve Recordings. A few other things on the horizon will be tunes coming on Guerilla, Mindsaw, Serendipity, Westbay, and Dead Cat. Just want to say thank you to all those in support and the ones willing to listen to something a little bit different.

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