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CULTMIX007 - Revised by DJ Syze

Fresh year, old rituals. After the quiet xmas period we're back with another proper mix provided by the one and only DJ Syze, who performed a destruction ritual of mixing a bunch of thrilling dubplates, Culture Assault Records' future releases and a small doze of commercially released tracks. The end result is astonishing, and fulfills its purpose - rapes your ears (which is something we all like, don't we?). For those who don't know Syze yet there is plenty of information below and on her myspace. Cover your ears, 'cause it might make them bleed.


While successfully juggling her agency, promoting shows and providing vocals for various projects, Syze continued burning up the wheels of steel playing shows both domestically coast-to-coast and abroad in such exotic locales as Sofia, Bulgaria, Thessaloniki, Greece, and Bucharest, Romania and in every corner of the USA Georgia, Florida, Arizona, Utah, California etc. Restructuring and taking a well needed seven month hiatus, Syze spent a bit of time refocusing in Europe, and has now teamed up for various projects with drum’n’bass bad boys Zardonic (Human / Counterstrike / Cymbalism ), Arsenic (Human Imprint, Evol Intent, Barcode, Sinous), SPKTRM ( Human Imprint, Evol Intent, Barcode, Habit, Freak, Guerilla ), SPL ( Freak, Lost Soul ), Skeptical ( 31 Rec) and Bulgarian producers Thought and Ogonek. This just a short list to round out 2009 and bring it into 2010.

In the midst of several mixes in the works, one of which will be hosted on Italian based label Culture Assault, a Dubstep exclusive mix for SPL's Hollow Point Rec, Syze will also be making an appearance on the Lifted Podcast series alongside none-other-than scene staples Chris Renegade and Spor.

Syze will soon be announcing her dates for the 2010 Europe tour, hitting such spots as Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Greece, Ausria. More in the works from this lady including her full lengh downtempo album Eminence set to hit in 2010 as well.

Artist: DJ Syze
Title: Revised
Cataloge nr.: CULTMIX007
Style: Drum & Bass
Release Date: 19-Jannuary-2010
Quality: 192kbps / 44100Hz / Joint Stereo
Tracks: 1 ~133 Mb


Download CULTMIX007 - Revised by DJ Syze from

Download CULTMIX007 - Revised by DJ Syze from
Download CULTMIX007 - Revised by DJ Syze from


001. Syze - Intro
002. Gancher & Ruin - Civil [Nekrolog1k Dub]
003. Ketz & Kryteria - Code Error - [Mindtech Dub]
004. Gein & Mayhem - Ghetto Dope [Human Imprint Dub]
005. Dylan & B-Key - The Whorror (Thought Remix) [Freak Recordings Dub]
006. Tek Infection - Clone [Force Recordings]
007. Arsenic - Reaper [Dub]
008. Gein - Hate (Arsenic Remix) [Dub]
009. SPKTRM - J.17.9.22 [Bad Chemistry Dub]
010. Cause 4 Concern - Something Else Sensor (Break Remix) [C4C Rec Dub]
011. Apex - Entrapment [Lifted Dub]
012. Nevroz - Lost_Cells (AXI Remix) [Mindtech Recordings]
013. Miss Redflower - Here to Fly (Misha Remix) [Dub]
014. Flame & Kano - Source Code [Sinuous Recordings]
015. Gemini - Down - [Breed 12" Dub]
016. Dereck & Kano & Squelch - Full Phase [Culture Assault VIN002 Dub]
017. DJ Hidden & Cooh - Sleepwalkers [PRSPCT Recordings]
018. Counterstrike & Thought - Floodgates [CSRECS002 Dub]
019. Lucio De Rimanez - Infection [Culture Assault VIN001 Dub]
020. Zardonic ft Mumblz - Systems Activated [Human Imprint Dub]
021. Counterstrike & Forbidden Society - Extreme [CSRECS002 Dub]
022. Lucio De Rimanez - Anastasis [Culture Assault VIN001 Dub]
023. Arsenic & Syze - STFU [Dub]
024. Zardonic & Gancher - Impakt [Intransigent Dub]
025. Kantyze - Caprica [Mindtech Dub]
026. Evol Intent Remix (Ghost Town) - Shiny Toy Guns [Universal Dub]
027. Chris Su - The Bell [SYNTAX002]
028. Hadouken (Spor Remix) [Lights Out]
029. Mayhem - Call My Bluff [Dub]
030. Spor - Overdue [Lifted Dub]
031. Divine Elements - Bloody Sunday [SIMP009LP]



Intro // Civil



Floodgates // Infection


03. Extreme // Anastasis 2:12



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