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Tour Flyer

Hello there folks. The Cult is rising. We just had our first birthday back some days. So we wanted to seize the moment and take advantage of the the favourable situation to express our gratefulness to all the followers, the artists, the guys behind the scenes - yeah the whole fucking CULT! We know we are a bit slowly in progressing but hey, we want to do our things properly. So what to exspect from Culture Assault Records in 2010. Read it now and keep us posted.


Basically we are going to start our way for for the 2010 with some huge Touring the so called "RAID OVER EUROPE" and among that a spain-cultureassaulttourfrigging SPAIN TOUR in March 2010 with our Cultdub Heads Jordi aka Loop Stepwalker and Alvaro from Madrid, widely knows as Redub. Those two proper hermanos are the backguard of one the most upcoming dnb producers duo of 2010 the heavenly Dj Syze and the undisputed king of Latin America's Heavy Drum and Bass sound, Zardonic. Hello Spain did you hear that? They are coming after you! So make sure to be prepared for a fucking massacre in your city - dates here! Ask your compares what an event with Culture Assault is really about. We had some proper gigs with and by our spanish hermanos back in 2009 and in early 2010 with the mighty Darkbasser, n-kro supporting acts like "THE BULGARIAN DRUMKID" Ivan Shopov aka Cooh, the almighty Dubelements and vicious Venganza on events in Mallorca and Grenada.

Dj Syze & Zardonic will the carry onwards for a regretless "RAID OVER EUROPE" tour. Check some dates now on DOA. With more than 10 years of experience in the scene, a flawless reputation for her professionalism and mixing skills, a heavenly voice that's got her to collaborate with globetrotters like Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch, TZA, Arsenic, Thought, Zardonic, SPKTRM and many others, Ioanna Borovska aka Joanna Syze has pleased the world with her wide range of blending styles together in her live sets and dj mixes, going from the deepest emotional light tunes to the heaviest tearout dancefloor slammers. Continously pushing her musical boundries you are sure to expect one eventful night with her on the decks.
The undisputed king of Latin America's Heavy Drum & Bass sound, Federico Agreda aka Zardonic has risen up with an unstoppable force. His unique blend of metal, latin percussion, industrial and drum n bass, has gotten his tunes caned by many major players in the scene, such as Pendulum, John B, Counterstrike, Dylan, Dieselboy, AK1200, and many others. Too add his remixes for heavyweight artists like Nine Inch Nails, The Berzerker, Dark Funeral, Anaal Nathrakh, Impaled and Gorgoroth continue to show his wide range musical skills.

I bet this is just the beginning for more raids over the whole globe. So keep us posted. Information about forthcoming releases on CULTASS, CULTDUB & last bust not least the starting of CULTVIN, Culture Assault's wicked VINYL series distributed by Triple Vision.





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