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How time flies! And we are still here. The CULT is getting two years old now. We can tell, it's been two years of great exitements, great wins and good moments. But as life dwells in a dualistic way we had to cope with a lot of difficult situations. Some harsh decisions were to take. And we lost one or two on our path. On taking stock we see that we still have a range of targets to reach. And we see that we still have our passion to reach them

What are we going to do now? Now we can get started...



Hardly a day goes by without somebody doing something. The scene is vibrant. But what we really had to see is that the music itslef becomes a fast product. Like fastfood.

Sometimes it seems that people are not longer interested in the music itself somebody produces. Instead of paying honest tribute to the artist and producer who are putting all their passion and blood into projects for the sake of the music. It really seems a certain proportion of those so called fans are collecting music for the sake of gathering the most exclusive and unreleased stuff, showing off at forums, uploading it to youtube. Somehow they don't understand that they're plunging into ruin the whole music scene. Labels and producers. That's not the way!

Anyways, we're sure you all know about this. Let's talk about the CULT. We've posted a quickmade video recently where we featured a quite complete range of releases we published. We are currently working on two different release lines CULTASS for the drum&bass unit and CULTDUB, the dubstep playground of Jordi Loop Stepwalker and Alvaro Redub Murillo, which is getting bigger and bigger with each release.

Most of the Design Work is still done by Hans Von Rabe and the Webdesign stuff credits go to our fancy webdesign company Kreatif. We've unfortunately lost a good friend of ours back some time - thanks Shem! Also our russian agent Robkev has seen himself tied to business matters. A very special shout we'd like to pass to the Bassintoxication Crew! These guys are the best around! Ultrafreaks and ultrafriendly.

Culture Assault Records finds itself now at the dawn of a new era. We might not be the best and most productive label around, but we think less is more. And that's the way we want to continue....


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It is so easy to create victims. You lock someone in a room with no light. Soon they'll begin to suffer. Then you feed that suffering. Slowly, methodicaly, systematicaly, coldly, for a long time. Then Culture Assault arose. And ever since it's been pushing the boundaries of music towards an experience of katharsys, from suffering to light through darkness ending at the aural fields of completeness. For any additional info refer to

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