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New Cultists in sight PDF Print E-mail

Watch dees!!!!Seems like today is going to be day of great communcations. For the sake of brevity: (we have to leave Bozen for Innsbruck now - DJ Hidden & Limewax and a lot of beer cans are waiting) We're very happy to announce that we just signed to new exciting artists for Culture Assault Records.



The perfect Cultist!

How time flies! And we are still here. The CULT is getting two years old now. We can tell, it's been two years of great exitements, great wins and good moments. But as life dwells in a dualistic way we had to cope with a lot of difficult situations. Some harsh decisions were to take. And we lost one or two on our path. On taking stock we see that we still have a range of targets to reach. And we see that we still have our passion to reach them

What are we going to do now? Now we can get started...



Label News March '10 PDF Print E-mail
Tour Flyer

Hello there folks. The Cult is rising. We just had our first birthday back some days. So we wanted to seize the moment and take advantage of the the favourable situation to express our gratefulness to all the followers, the artists, the guys behind the scenes - yeah the whole fucking CULT! We know we are a bit slowly in progressing but hey, we want to do our things properly. So what to exspect from Culture Assault Records in 2010. Read it now and keep us posted.

Label News Sep.09 PDF Print E-mail

Label News September

Back from break. Summer has been long. Autumn is sneaking in at the door. Grab your hoodies and prepare for the colder season cause it's gonna be a very very though winter. Only the best to survive.

We meanwhile have been busy with preparing the relaunch of our label after the summer season and are happy to announce that we got a lot of news to share. We are about to sign to a major Drum and Bass distro company, which will support us with digital and vinyl releases. Be sure there are a lot of new artists and tunes on CULTASS. Huge things waiting for the drop! More about all the news soon.

We are back on track. And let me reach out to all those of you who are supporting us! Huge respect!

Label News Jun.09 PDF Print E-mail

Label News June 2009

Hello everyone, CA crew signing in once again with a new look.

First of all we'd like to thank everyone who was at Sunny Bashment Festival in Mendel. It was a great party, we hoped you enjoyed it as much as we did:) We're also hoping to get back together again in South Tyrol for another edition of this festival or maybe even sooner at a different gig. Thanks again everyone, you made that party happen!


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It is so easy to create victims. You lock someone in a room with no light. Soon they'll begin to suffer. Then you feed that suffering. Slowly, methodicaly, systematicaly, coldly, for a long time. Then Culture Assault arose. And ever since it's been pushing the boundaries of music towards an experience of katharsys, from suffering to light through darkness ending at the aural fields of completeness. For any additional info refer to

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