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CULTASS013 | Crosspunx EP PDF Print E-mail


The day has come when we set up the flag. It's the return of the CULTASS release series. On 26th of August we give you a 4x4 package. 4 to the floor with 4 different artists. Hail to the Crosspunx!

CULTASS008 - Krimean Brigadist PDF Print E-mail

CULTASS008 - Krimean Brigadist

CULTASS008 - For those of you who love the technoid stomping drum and bass genre and think that there has been far too little releases lately covering that field, we are happy to serve you a rattling two track release. A release that puts a hit on you. A release that puts A at odds with B.

Sonically one of the hardest projects the label has announced so far, the KRIMEAN BRIGADIST states where Culture Assault's journey is leading to: quality driven grim&bass.

CULTASS007 - Figure Freaks PDF Print E-mail

CULTASS007 - Figure Freaks

After a long and dark period in the shadows of alpine caves and scottish glens we are back with another bombfucking yet leek technoid release. Let us introduce to you CULTASS007 going by the name FIGURE FREAKS.

This is a release we are long waiting for to show to the public cause of it's intense rolling maulness. Yeah, MAULNESS = tearing down every single venue you will play it out. 100% guarantee.

CULTASS006 - Awaken The Wolf PDF Print E-mail

CULTASS006 - Awaken The Wolf

Yeah folks, Christmas eve is just another day ahead. Would you mind to get your present earlier this day? So follow the cult and move your ass, cause it's CULTASS time again. This time and for the first time we got two guys from the states. Give a warm welcome to Tricky Pat & Brandon Miles with CULTASS006 – Awaken The Wolf.


CULTASS005 - Redstar EP PDF Print E-mail

CULTASS005 - Red Star

Yeah, bitter cold temperatures deserve a firing sound. You prolly know the infernal Goncharenko twins already from heavy anthem bangers such as Lekto and other stunning releases on Subdivision/Future Sickness/PRSPCT/Freak and many more.


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It is so easy to create victims. You lock someone in a room with no light. Soon they'll begin to suffer. Then you feed that suffering. Slowly, methodicaly, systematicaly, coldly, for a long time. Then Culture Assault arose. And ever since it's been pushing the boundaries of music towards an experience of katharsys, from suffering to light through darkness ending at the aural fields of completeness. For any additional info refer to

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