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CULTDUB006 - Grudge Match PDF Print E-mail


A violent Dubstep release from the depths of Bristol and Bulgaria. Culture Assault Records presents Statix vs Balkansky - An epic Grudge Match!

To put it simply, STATIX is dubstep’s answer to Bad Company. Quite a title? With distinctive records such as ‘Mind Over Matter’ & ‘Purgatory’ shredding their way through the dubstep scene, it’s one that is definitely justified.
CULTDUB005 - Braintonic PDF Print E-mail


We are back with breaching charge. First release this year is coming to life. This years Valentine's Day is filthier than Naples (and believe me that's hard to to take - I've just been there some days ago hahaha).

So what is this release all about? It's about a journey from the good old fashioned dubstep by those whom they call Fused Forces (UK) to the aggro machinestepping tunage of Hollands most exciting dubbokles Sinister Souls.

Release Date: 14/02/2011
CULTDUB004 - The Dying Earth PDF Print E-mail

CULTDUB004 - The Dying Earth

Culture Assault Records proudly presents you CULTDUB004 by the polish duo EGRO & N-FETT. Come back for more info soon.

Two atmospheric mindblowing dubstep tunes with a lot of sinister desire for pure violation.
Read more for the previews.



CULTDUB003 - Filthy Culture PDF Print E-mail

CULTDUB003 - Filthy Culture

Hi there dubheads. We have great news for CULTDUB. As the label gets bigger and bigger what we have started as a sublabel is now growing into a own quite indipendent monster. Especially thanks to the great deal we are having with the espanol management LOOP STEPWALER and ALVARO aka REDUB aka EXFIRE. We signed great releases from top notch artists and the CULTDUB is becoming a big filthy and joined family, ready to have its impact to the world of dubstep.



CULTDUB002 - Taking Life PDF Print E-mail

CULTDUB002 - Taking Life

Culture Assault Records proudly presents you CULTDUB002 – Taking Life” provided by our fresh Dubstep-Artist ValkyR. Hailing from "Champs sur Marne" near Paris and born in September 1990, he first started producing BreakBeat & DnB in late 2006 but since the Year 2008 he found his dark, disturbing icy Dubstep-Style which is now framed into this filthy Mix! This is his first release. “CULTDUB002 - Taking Life” includes 6 horryfing and grim DubStep Tunes.



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