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May is popping in. Days are getting longer, temperatures rise...everyone bathing in his spring feelings...mad world! So much happyness, so much colour...Let's go against that with some CA grimness  :)


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Miditacia (real name: Constantin) is a Russian DNB mogul, whose tracks are frequently mixed in podcasts series, amongst such artists as Receptor, NPhonix, Paperclip and many more. This series of podcasts has brought a lot of spotlight onto Miditacia, and his most recognized track is "Power Station", which you may have heard before in our PODCAST002.


"Power Station" is a bassline driven neurofunk tank of a track. The military feel of the intro and dispatch radio talk weaved in between the drums and a bassline which won't leave your head for a long time make for this awesome trip. To put it simply: the moment you play this track, you find yourself in a battlefield.


Ezpeigrex, a Polish dnb producer delivered his own doze of sickness into this release as well. Having also been signed to SleepLessNess Records and being featured in Ammunition Recordings Podcast002 he's gains recognition quickly, thanks to his superb tracks.


For CULTASS003 Ezpeigrex his very own "Prediction". This track takes no prisoners. It's aggressive, vicious and twisted. Kicking off with a hip hop type of beat it quickly lets you know that It's all business from then on, shoving more and more complex and twisted basslines down your throat. When the drop hits you realize that there is no downhill to this ride, which is perfectly illustrated by the end of the track, where Ezpeigrex starts bombing you with kicks, snares, samples & bass. It's a crescendo of mayhem and at the very end you face the barrel of a machine-gun which furiously starts unloading its clip into your direction. Quite an experience.


We hope you enjoy this release, and give us as much feedback as possible. Check out previews of these tracks: right here, or on Culture Assault Records myspace. Then head down to internet mp3 store and get this release as it's definitely worth it.


Let's not forget that the contest for a free copy of CULTASS003 is really close to end, winners will be announced in a matter of days, so be quick and enter this contest. Everyone's got a fair chance of winning, we're selecting winners at random (through means of a blind orphan and a bowl of cards with your names on them).


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