CULTDUB003 - Filthy Culture Print

CULTDUB003 - Filthy Culture

Hi there dubheads. We have great news for CULTDUB. As the label gets bigger and bigger what we have started as a sublabel is now growing into a own quite indipendent monster. Especially thanks to the great deal we are having with the espanol management LOOP STEPWALER and ALVARO aka REDUB aka EXFIRE. We signed great releases from top notch artists and the CULTDUB is becoming a big filthy and joined family, ready to have its impact to the world of dubstep.





So to let you all enjoy the filth we've been cooking up, we've decided to give the CULTDUB003 // Filthy Culture away for free!!!  4 Bangers we love, and we want to share with you, our beloved cultists.




Artist: a lot :)
Title: Filthy Culture
Cataloge nr.: CULTDUB003
Style: Dubstep
Release Date: late August 2010
Quality: mp3

Tracks: 3 ~ 27 MB

1. Loop Stepwalker & Shem - Monstertruck
2. Vibromaster - Bollywood
3. Redub - Boozer Way



But thats not all, there are few weeks left for...CULTDUB004 // Egro & N-fett // The Dying Earth. Watch out for this one - gonna be HUGE!


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