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After a long wait we're back with another podcast! This time it's been mixed by the one and only SFS, who performed a destruction ritual of mixing his own dubplates, Culture Assault Records' future releases and a small doze of commercially released tracks. The end result is astonishing, and fulfills its purpose - rapes your ears (which is something we all like, don't we?) I took the liberty of hosting this edition of our podcast, for which I'm sorry (i'm Polish, not a native English speaker).



Too bad we couldn't get Stereotype on the mic to talk with us, but we'll do our best to fix this so when next PODCAST arrives you won't hear me exclusively. In the future you should all expect some interviews with our very own artists and a whole bunch of insight on what's going on in our label. So without any further ado, here's the podcast.

Cover your ears, 'cause it might make them bleed.




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Artist: Miditacia, Expeigrex

Title: Humanoid
Cataloge nr.: CULTPODCAST002
Style: Drum&Bass/Neurofunk
Release Date: 01-June-2009
Quality: 192kbps / 44100Hz / Joint Stereo
Tracks: 1 ~25 Mb


1. SFS - Humanoid [Forthcoming Culture Assault]
2. The Sect - Mayday
3. Diode - Storm Kingdom
4. Miditacia - Power Station [CULTASS003 - The Veiled]
5. Stereotype - Monarchy [Forthcoming Culture Assault]
6. O'Nine - Malice
7. Stereotype & SFS - Disco 2000
8. High Rankin & Temper D - Yank My Crank
9. TriaMer - Distress Call [Forthcoming Culture Assault]
10. Diode - Passcode
11. Eiton - Ethanol
12. SFS & Googah - Phobia
13. Stereotype - Defence [Forthcoming Culture Assault]
14. SFS - Slurm [Forthcoming Culture Assault]
15. Zinnat - Continue [Forthcoming Culture Assault]
16. SFS - Techno Sadist
17. Stereotype & SFS - Destruction [VIP]
18. Qmare - Syntetic Brain [Forthcoming Culture Assault]
19. SFS & Quaden - Fix
20. SFS & Destructo - Dancecommander








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