CULTMIX002 - Invasion of Sound Print

For all the lovers of 140 rpm rythm tunage this is the box of the pandorra. As the Germanics invaded Rome long time ago, this heavy piece of sound will invade your ears. Don't miss it! Exclusive Dubstep Mix from our youngster Kent based Xpresive!





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Artist: Xpresive

Title: Invasion of Sound
Cataloge nr.: CULTMIX002
Style: Dubstep/Grime
Release Date: 01-June-2009
Quality: 192kbps / 44100Hz / Joint Stereo
Tracks: 1 ~36 Mb



01. Zombie - Spliff Dub
02. Xpresive - Mars
03. Sukh Knight - Born Invincible
04. Ek9 - Stock Box
05. Babylon System - Examination Of Time
06. Sukh Knight - Jinglist
07. Wolfeman - The Kracken
08. The Dub Sync feat Zion Train - What We Need
09. Koan Sound - Clowny
10. The Bug feat Flowdan - Skeng
11. Conscious Pilot - Hash n Hydro
12. Luke Envoy - Honour Kill


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