LOCALCULT, as per definitionem nomen est omen, it is about a regional project with the aim to support local electronic music producers in improving their skills and visibility locally but also internationally. Even if not every kick and snare is there where it has to, we are giving these young motivated punks a platform to show their results: The journey is the reward. The third chapter of their journey is to released via free download from our website.

Lots of different and exciting sounds including a multitude of genres and artists from South Tyrol (ITALY) AND (for the first time) North Tyrol (AUSTRIA). A no boundaries project in the true sense of the word.



We come along with a 24 tracks strong release from Cultass homegrown artists and other artists from friends collectives like RVLTK (Snob) or Bassintoxication (Minos) raning from Darkside and Deep DNB to Crossbreed, from Dubstep to Deathstep, cheesy Liquid to pumping Trap and some Halfstep Electronica and Techno. We also got some other individual upcoming artists from around the area like Suspenders, Deltabeatz and Monkey Monsta aka Davide Boscolo, the guy behind the famous Pitch Tek Project.

Get your personal free copy here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/69c73v

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