Guuru was born in 2013 as a sideproject of Local Cult hero Distort, taking a step back from the harder edge of sound and merging shitloads of inspirational sources into one new project: His debut EP „ADODGKS“ features elements from trap, uk-rave, moombahton, hardstyle with sampled reggae shouts and steeldrums, all wrapped up smoothly in a funktastic experimental premiere Guuru EP, straight from his new studio in Berlin.



The EP starts off with Guuru intruuducing himself, structuring the crunchy chaos into a solid trap-beat, directly followed by „Shakuu“, which is evolving from a tropical guitar jam over a squeeky mooobahtune into a steaming, stomping four-to-the-floor machine.

„Dibby Duuby“ was also constructed to hit the dance-floor basswise with it’s full chamber of low end hits plus catchy vocal sample, made for haunting ears stronger than the tinnitus on the day after.

„Only Yuu“ hits the more melancholic chords on the Oberheim OB-12, a vintage synth, that found it’s way from ebay onto this record. Inspired by the gear, this track combines old school rave-vibes with the timeless TR-808 drum sounds, highpitched soul-voices  and sampled drum breaks into something very special.


If you should still be skeptical about this genre-Super-GAU, the „Horns of Jerichuu“ will make your (mental) walls fall. No boundaries to music, our mantra at Culture Assault Recs from the very beginning: Guuru lives it.

P.s.: The EP title is a sarcastic ripoff  of an old german South Tyrolean saying.

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SOUNDCLOUD https://soundcloud.com/guuru




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